Omran Ahmed AlShamsi


Photography and Film


Omran has been photographing since 2005, and specializes in Nature and Architecture Photography. He photographs landscapes, waterscapes, flowers and plants, still life, and exterior and interior architecture.

Omran also photographs in gatherings, events, and exhibitions. If you require a photographer for your event, please contact Omran anytime!

In addition to his passion to photography, Omran has also started filmmaking. In particular, he specializes in short stories. In 2012, Omran has written and directed two short films (limited non-public screenings), and he is now working on another short film that would be announced in summer 2013. Stay tuned! 




New technologies, programming, networking, football (soccer), and Real Madrid.


My Quote


Photography has always been my passion, and I would do the impossible to capture photographs at the right moments. What I love about photography is simply the beauty of nature and the small detalis that are not usually noticed by people. Nature is actually my main inspiration, and it comes from the desire to share the beauty I witness with everyone. There is a lot to see, and it is difficult and perhaps not possible for a person to witness it all. Therefore, as a photographer, I try to showcase to everyone the beautiful scenes I see from different countries in the World.

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